About Animo

Our Mission

ANIMO’s mission is to empower families. We do so by supporting clients direct their own care, and in providing them the care they need, we inspire them to live independently.

Providing care is only part of what we do at ANIMO. We want to make sure that your loved ones’ needs are being met. We provide personal caregiver services, but we also have connections to other resources that our clients can benefit from. We will take the time to educate you on the resources we provide, and the resources you qualify for.

We understand how emotional it can be when you reach the point where you need to seek help. We will make this process clear, comprehensive, and seamless so that you can start receiving help as soon as possible.

Our History

ANIMO Homecare was founded by Maritza Pietri after being the caregiver to her child with a rare disease. She had to put her accounting career aside for a number of years and find a way to obtain the best care for her daughter. That is when she found that there are agencies that support family caregivers and families in her situation. As well as being a pediatric caregiver, she also gained experience as a Certified Nurse Aide in a nursing home. Experiencing firsthand the challenges that families go through when they need help caring for their loved ones, and the great need for quality care, she decided to start her own agency to make that process more readily available to others. For the past 15 years, Maritza has managed and operated a family-owned business.

Our Vision

To create an inclusive homecare agency where all clients have access to care, transparency of care, and a diverse grassroots network where they can find support.

Our Core Values


ANIMO means courage in Spanish, we
believe that it takes a lot of courage to
accept help when help is needed.
Courage drives us to make and accept
change in our lives.


We are driven to help those around us
that are suffering or in need of help.


We vow to have respect for and
appreciate the differences of every
individual we provide services to, their
family members, our own team, and
members of the community.


The purpose of everything we do is to
restore and find joy in each day through
the interactions between our clients,
families, and community members.


We demonstrate honesty in all of our interactions.


We will always due regard for the
feelings, wishes, rights, and
traditions of others.